Wednesday, October 26, 2011

An OBSESSION with Yellow & Turquoise (and pops of orange)

v. ob·sessedob·sess·ingob·sess·es
To have the mind excessively preoccupied with a single emotion or topic

You know when you've been looking at something for so long that when you go to bed and close your eyes it's all you can see under your eyelids?  That used to happen to me when I would spend my late nights playing online word games (geek I know but had to beat those high scores!).  Now when I close my eyes at night I get flashes of: yellow door. teal wall. yellow stripes. teal stripes. yellow flowers. teal shelves. rugs. curtains. yellow. teal. turquoise. yellow. white. grey. sofa. wallpaper. teal. turquoise. shot of orange. stripes. teal. PLEASE CAN I GO TO SLEEP ALREADY?!
That's when I know I've become obsessed with something.  No matter how hard I try to think about other things (chocolate, babies, the colour red) I cannot get rid of it.
Anyway, I hope my home and current big project 'My kind of home' starts to come together with hints of this style and colour soon! Enjoy x

Source: via Christall on Pinterest

Source: None via Christall on Pinterest
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