Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tea for three with Nana Bubby

A visit to my Great Nana Bubby's when I was a child always excited me. Not just because she always had a box of Griffin's samplers to give us, or Mallowpuffs in the old wooden cabinet she called a pantry. But also because her ways, and her house and everything that was part of it, intrigued me. The old coal range, the 'food safe' where she stored her milk and things that we would've had in the fridge, the tiny kitchen with tongue and groove walls, grey lino and a little electric cooker. The outside toilet that had an actual chain - as the chain, and the scent of sunlight soap as you walked through the wash house to get to it. How I wish I could go back there.

This installment as part of my recent exhibition was conjured up from memories of those days. "Tea for three with Nana Bubby" was always a pleasure. My Irish Great Grandmother, a colourful, adventurous character, who wore bright coloured lipstick - quite striking against her porcelain complexion, blue eyes and jet black hair. Always with a tea brewing on the stove or coal range, and always with some exciting story to tell.

Cup of tea, anyone? x

Did you know that according to legend, tea was discovered by the Chinese Emperor,
Shan Nong, in 2737 B.C? We've been drinking tea for over 4,500 years!

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