Thursday, October 6, 2011

"ALL ABOARD!" - Enosh's train party

My eldest little dude turned four a few months ago, and since he is MAD about trains he wanted a 'TRAIN' party (of course).  He inherited the 'obsession with the rail' from my Grandad (it skipped two generations and landed on Enosh - in full force).  Those two have so much fun together, doing a bit of trainspotting and riding trains in all shapes, forms and sizes.  I've been exposed to enough Thomas the Tank, Chuggington, NZ Rail Scene, British Rail Scene and Marcus Lush's 'Off the Rails' to last me a lifetime (Actually, I really enjoy Off the Rails! Great for a well told Kiwi history)

Anyway, here it is folks, put together by moi.....TOOT TOOT!

Vintage cream bottles with retro paper straws -  both available in our store of course!
The child height party table - constructed of an old door sitting on wooden chairs - covered in fabric, and all very safe and stable!  Paper bunting, party food (before the hot food came out)

Paper bunting - made from coloured card and old railway calendars
Paper cups covered in black and white pictures of steam trains - made for very cool holders for the shoestring fries!  Here they are waiting to be filled on the luggage food station 

The train cake - Mummy cheated, the only part of this train that is cake is the middle wagon!  E for Enosh, 2607 for his birth date - his own personal train number.  Wooden 'bridge' sitting on short Agee jars.
The man himself
Sweet party food, and carrot sticks for good measure

Little cupcakes - bit rough but enjoyed by all!

Popcorn boxes filled with popcorn for the movie!  Made from coloured card and old bingo tokens

Fruit kebabs and train cookies :-)

Hope you enjoyed!  The kids sure did, and the beauty of my husband being a primary school teacher - he took care of all the entertainment, no sweat - yay!  And I got to have a good catch up with the mums :-)

Christall x

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