Monday, October 10, 2011

Kumarahou - The Wonder Weed

One of my kitchen shelves now houses two jars of Kumarahou tonic.  Now, I'm no herbalist, pharmacist or botanist, but I've found something that works for me - it cleared my baby's asthma and chest infection and even fixed my husbands man-flu (!!!) - so by golly I'm going to share the secret!

Normally when the baby gets sick with a little snuffle I know I'm in for 2-3 weeks of a full blown chest infection, asthma, not a lot of sleep, and snot galore.  By day five I'm bringing out the steroids for my darling little 13 month old, as a last resort - since nothing else has worked.
My mum dropped off some dehydrated kumarahou leaves and flowers - which she got from my nana, who got them from my uncle, who bought them online!  Yay, because this NZ native plant really only grow in the far north, which is really far away from here!  I HATED kumarahou as a child - and fair enough, it is ghastly to the palette I tell you! Literally, it tastes like poison.

But I know of its incredible medicinal properties, and I was going to boil it up and get it into my child (and husband) any way I could.  It can be used for chest complaints, bronchitis, asthma, as a general tonic, and is also a blood purifier and helpful for arthritis.  Basically, chuck it in a pot of water and boil it.  My Nana always gently simmers her brew for a couple of hours, so I do too (because Nana knows best).

Once I was satisfied that I had all of the goodness out of the leaves, I drained the liquid through a sieve and into some preserving jars.  It has a pretty good shelf life this stuff.  Probably best kept in the fridge if you're not going to use it quickly.  I mixed a small portion in a little medicine bottle of one part kumarahou tonic and one part manuka honey.  Asher loved it.  In less than a day his wheezing stopped altogether, and in less than a week he was totally clear.  Unheard of!  This tonic does produce a lot of mucus though, as it clears the chest, but it's all for a good cause.  My husband, he just drank it straight - out of a little espresso cup in one shot, a couple of times a day.  Worked a treat.  A day later and no more full blown man-flu - phew!!!
So here it is.  I'm drinking it as a general daily tonic.  One cup every morning.  Apparently do this for one week, have a weeks break, and if you feel the need, do another week.  I'll see how I go.  And a happy dance here for a healthy household!

Christall x


  1. Wow, sounds like an all around miracle tonic - brilliant! If I can track down the elusive kumarahou plant I will definitely try it on my daughter who gets a bit wheezy. Thanks for sharing. xxx

    1. Hi there I can supply you with some. Email me at i can provide you with the dehydrated leaves. From up north as theyre the best. $15 for a months supply. Shorter if using for medicinal purposes...

  2. I haven't managed to get hold of my Uncle to see where he got it from, but I just discovered you can purchase the leaves here!
    By the way - love your online store! x

  3. Thanks so much Cristall for your kind words, and where to buy the leaves. I love your shop too - mutual admiration! mwah xxx

  4. Hi Christall.Is there a market for kumerahou as where I live there is an abundance!

  5. Hello I have been trying to get kumarahau sent to me from NZ. I am living in Perth

  6. I just bought three plants from a nursery in Taupō on Centennial Drive :)

  7. I've heard this is also great for eczema. Soak leaves in rice oil and add to the tub of cream the docs give for eczema (Sorry the name of it escapes me this early in the morning) I really would like to get hold of some for my son. I can hear him wincing in pain when he sleeps. :( I'm in central Auckland.

  8. I can vouch for the kumarahou tonic, but it IS vile to drink. My husband had a run of boils and carbuncles that nothing would clear, and he took a course of this juice ans has never had a boil since....over forty years ago!! One of our grandsons had extremely bad teenage acne which nothing would shift, so we sent him some kumarahou leaves, and hey presto! it cleared up in no time!

  9. I just brew me a tea of kūmarahou. Within two my chest infection was clear & breathing didn't hurt... I'm also drinking it as a tea to help overcome my coffee addiction 😁 #love_rongoā

  10. Hi everyone where is all the kumarahou at. I have brought a couple of trees but still very small.

  11. Hi. I am taking a small cup of your patete in the morning and kumarahou at night. I am getting it through Lesley in Taupo. I have had fatigue/inflammation/hormonal issues for years. Is this the best amount for me or can I have more. My body seems to be craving it but don't want to take too much if that would not be good for me. Thanks Anna


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